I know I said no more previews, but I just inked this and c’mon! coming to Irene 6 in the Fall

Sketchbook May 29, 2015


Sketchbook May 28, 2015


Sketchbook May 27, 2015


Sketchbook May 26, 2015

Memories-Button whitefangbuttonThe Gnartapes guys got a big button-maker, I’m messing around with button designs.

Sketchbook May 25, 2015


Last preview image (for a while) from ‘Dozens of Cousins,’ my new comic, debuting in Irene 6 this Fall

Irene 6

wpid-20150524_131704.jpgwpid-20150522_235908.jpgwpid-20150522_122547.jpgwpid-20150521_213137.jpgIrene-4_Cover irene5-cover-webBeen keeping it under my hat, but I just saw it announced on the Irene Tumblr, that my new story, ‘Dozens of Cousins’ starring Disgusting Duck and Dumbass Dog, will be appearing in the forthcoming Irene 6, along with a bunch of other great stuff.

If you don’t know Irene, it’s a comics anthology put out by a power-team of cartoonists:  Andy Warner, Dakota McFadzean, and D.W., featuring cartoonists from all over the world.

Still working on my story, really excited to debut it in this fine publication!


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