Sketchbook September 2, 2015

wpid-20150902_170300.jpgMore from this big jam with D.W.

Sketchbook September 1, 2015

wpid-20150901_145805.jpgA very big jam with D.W. for KJC3, in progress

Sketchbook August 31, 2015

wpid-20150831_195426.jpgKJC 3 is set to debut at Short Run in Seattle on Halloween, working on some epic jams with D.W.

Sketchbook August 30, 2015


Jamming with D.W. marches on

Sketchbook August 29, 2015


Jamming with D.W. on a grand scale

Sketchbook August 28, 2015


Now that I’m done illustrating that book, I can get back to God’s work

Sketchbook August 27, 2015


one final sea-faring drawing, I turned in the files for this illustration job, which turned out to be over 100 illustrations


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