Sketchbook November 30, 2016


this last page was drawn with my left hand, why are they better?

Sketchbook November 21, 2016

Not doing daily sketchbook posts any more, but still keeping a sketchbook, and will post occasionally.  scan582scan583scan584

Sketchbook late October/early November

scan388scan390scan389I’m finished posting daily sketchbook scans, but will continue to put up new pages when I have them.  Here’s a few from before and during my recent NW trip.

Jams with D.W. & James the Stanton

A couple of mail jams (I think, I barely remember drawing my parts of this) with d.w. and James the Stanton that got passed back to me at Short Runscan386scan387

Short Run Seattle

I’ll be tabling at Short Run Seattle on Saturday, November 5th at the Seattle Center at space K63.


I’ll have a bunch of comics and books, including Visions of the Aporkalypse, Irene 6, the KJC series, Red House, and my brand new, 36-page collection of full-color sketchbook drawings, Compulse 9!

img_20161026_153028053.jpgimg_20160424_101103631.jpgIt’s free and there’s a ton of cool exhibitors, check it out!

Compulse 9

Sorry for the dropoff in sketchbook pages, I got sick.  Happy to announce my new 36-page collection of full-color sketchbook drawings, Compulse 9, at Short Run Seattle this Saturday, November 5th.

 img_20161101_161001027.jpgimg_20161101_161112080.jpgimg_20161101_163022781_hdr.jpgimg_20161101_161227821.jpgimg_20161101_161201293.jpgimg_20161101_161222443.jpgimg_20161101_161150228.jpgimg_20161101_161246610.jpgand more!

Sketchbook October 28, 2016


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