Sketchbook January 29, 2016

KJC CRAZYJam with D.W. for KJC 3

Sketchbook January 28, 2016

KJC3cover with cutout eyes

I did the layout/thick lines, then D.W. filled it in with his patterns, then I put a layer of color pencil (with a little cut & paste) down.   For the upcoming KJC 3.

Sketchbook January 27, 2016

Scan423More jamming with D.W. for KJC3

Sketchbook January 26, 2016

Scan422.jpg I started this jam drawing, laying out the pencils and broad shapes for D.W. to fill in with his colorful patterning.  Got it back in the mail today, what a beaut!  I’ll do a little more, and then it will show up in the forthcoming (March) KJC3.

Sketchbook January 25, 2016

Scan421more color pencil practice, methinks I used a few too many colors in this one

Sketchbook January 24, 2016


Sketchbook January 23, 2016


Coloring some D.W. art for KJC3


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