Sketchbook August 6, 2016


Sketchbook August 5, 2016

samuraihatcolorAnother copy of a Samurai print by Utagawa Kuniyoshi, this one’s titled, ‘Saito Kuranosuke Toshimitsu.’ 2273

Sketchbook August 4, 2016

grid jam dw kev.jpgDid you see this amazing remix of my drawing that D.W. did?

He’s offering some very reasonable art-for-hire services these days, check it out!

Sketchbook August 3, 2016


Sketchbook August 2, 2016

jamdakotadavea jam comic I drew with pals D.W. and Dakota McFadzean

Sketchbook August 1, 2016


Sketchbook July 31, 2016

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