Portrait #20- Sarinea

sarinea-portraitLast year, I offered 20 free ink portraits to friends, this is the last one!  See all of them here, and remember, I’ll do one of these any time (for a commission)

Sketchbook March 1, 2015


Bonus- self-portrait


Portrait #19- Alison and Jason as pirates, with Wyatt, Harlan and Stella

alison-and-jason-portraitWrapping up all my portraits from last year.  My cousin Alison asked for her and her husband as pirates.  I threw in their dogs, cuz pirates need their mateys.

Sketchbook February 28, 2015

Aunt-Dot622playing with dip pens, the big black dots are part of why I usually stick with rapidographs, though I do like the lines you get with a nib

Sketchbook February 27, 2015


Sketchbook February 26, 2015



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