LA Zine Fest this Sunday

LAZF mock ups

LA Zine Fest is Sunday, and I’m doing a final push to be ready!

I’m finishing the last pages for my new (48-page!!!) comic “Quit Rasslin’ Me,” a comedic take on Pro Wrestling with my Disgusting Dog and Dumbass Duck characters.


I’m also putting together the fourth issue of KJC, my ongoing collaborative zine with D.W. (featuring special guests James the Stanton and Dakota McFadzean).

KJC4 frontcoverKJC4 backcover

KJC4 centerfold

Additionally, have a bunch of older stuff, including full-color deluxe Compulse 9, released Winter 2016.

Come by on Sunday 10-6 if you’re in LA, it’s free and huge, I’ll be at table 68B


LA Zine Fest Sunday!

I’m frantically finishing a couple new books, including a new KJC with DW for LA Zine Fest this Sunday, May 28.  It’s free and huge and rad, come check it out if you’re in LA!LAZF mock upsQUIT WRASSLIN' ME COVERKJC4 frontcover KJC4 centerfoldKJC4 backcover

Coming Soon: “Quit Rasslin’ Me!”

QUIT WRASSLIN' ME COVERa new wrestling comic I’m working on, coming soon


Putting together the new KJC, my collaborative series with D.W. , debuts at LA Zine Fest May 28th!


KJC4 frontcoverKJC4 backcover

Wrestling comic sketches

I’m working on a comic story about pro wrestling, here’s some brainstorming sketches, I had great fun coming up with the characters and wrestling gimmicks.


now I gotta draw the whole thing, nobody tell Vince!

-1Hey LA- I’m selling my books, including my deluxe full-color collection, Compulse 9, at ZineMelt 1-5 today (in the back of Meltdown Comics)


Sketchbook March 14, 2017


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