GYMDANDY TITLEDisgusting Duck and Dumbass Dog in ‘Gym Dandy’ (2016) NSFW



Dozens of Cousins (published in Irene 6, 2015)


KJC 2 (2015)disgustingduck0011Disgusting Duck in ‘Fowl Trouble’ (published in Red House Anthology, 2014)aporkalypse 001

Visions of the Aporkalypse (2011)dumbass dog

Dumbass Dog in ‘Smell the Roses’ (2012)spk 2Sweatpants Kid Part 2 (Preview) (2013)

 Sweatpant Kids Part 1 (2012)

Unpublished ‘Criminy Cockroach’ Strip (2010)

Guardrail Issue 2.5 (2010)

An Evening with Cell0-Bot (2009)

Published in ‘Automatons in Love’
(CCS Anthology)

Kingdom (2009)

Grabbing Fire (2008)

‘Cathy’ Parody Strips (2009)

Gag Comics

Misc. Single-Page Comics and Illustrations

Criminy Cockroach in ‘The Pitch’ (2008)