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KJC #1 is available for purchase here!  

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Below are a bunch of updates tracking the progress of this project during the Spring and Summer of 2013.

Photo 354

 I found a 12-page hardback portfolio-type sketchbook gifted to me by a friend years ago, and since Dave W. and I had been emailing about doing some sort of collaborative project, I figured this would do just fine.  I drew on the odd pages, leaving space for Dave to fill in and add on.  I’ll send it to him, and he’ll start the even pages, and add on to my drawings.  Then we’ll switch again and much fun will be had.  And we’ll make a book or something out of it.

Here’s the first round of drawings I did, before sending to Dave.

DWjam 001DWjam 002DWjam 003 DWjam 004sketch mar059   DW jam 006

Then I mailed it to Dave for his turn…


tumblr_mkecw2YYVU1rhjevpo1_1280 tumblr_mkecw2YYVU1rhjevpo2_1280tumblr_mkigp5ttXt1rhjevpo4_1280 tumblr_mkigp5ttXt1rhjevpo3_1280 tumblr_mkigp5ttXt1rhjevpo2_1280 tumblr_mkigp5ttXt1rhjevpo1_1280tumblr_mknywgBrGm1rhjevpo1_1280 tumblr_mknywgBrGm1rhjevpo2_1280  tumblr_mkrp94Bj1R1rhjevpo1_1280tumblr_mkrp94Bj1R1rhjevpo2_1280



Then I got it back, during a road trip up to the bay and Portland (we passed back and forth a bit during Stumptown Comics Fest).

    Photo 464

Photo 469 Photo 454 Photo 455 Photo 456 Photo 457 Photo 458 Photo 459 Photo 460 Photo 461 Photo 462 Photo 463 sketch collab mayPhoto 479 Photo 470 Photo 471 Photo 473 Photo 476 Photo 478

kjcprog010a kcjprog015 kcj prog014 kcjprog 013 kcjprog012 kcjprog011 kcjprog010 kcjprog009 kcjprog008 kcjprog007 kjcprog 006 kcjprog005 kcjprog004 kjcprog003 kjcprog002 kjcprog001

and then I mailed it back to Dave…tumblr_mnj0pwWmJu1rhjevpo2_1280 tumblr_mnj0pwWmJu1rhjevpo1_1280

tumblr_mnl71bG6jX1rhjevpo2_1280 tumblr_mnl71bG6jX1rhjevpo1_1280

tumblr_mo46f0zGTX1rhjevpo3_1280 tumblr_mo46f0zGTX1rhjevpo2_1280 tumblr_mo46f0zGTX1rhjevpo1_1280tumblr_mpe9xjMpuc1rhjevpo1_1280tumblr_mqategAD5U1rhjevpo3_1280 tumblr_mqategAD5U1rhjevpo2_1280 tumblr_mqategAD5U1rhjevpo1_1280
Then Dave sent it back to me for the final round.  I’m finishing up the drawings, then getting into producing the booklet.

KJC July 014 KJC July 013 KJC July 012 KJC July 011 KJC July 010 KJC July 008 KJC July 007 KJC July 006 KJC July 005 KJC 004 KJC July 003 KJC July 002 Photo 604 sketch july 29

sketch july 30

KJC update august 007 KJC update august 001 KJC update august 002 KJC update august 003 KJC update august 004 KJC update august 005 KJC update august 006Stay tuned for more process posts as this project rolls along…