QUIT RASSLIN’ ME (2017) $5

KJC 4- a collaboration with D.W. (2017) $5

Compulse 9 (2016) Full-color, 36 pages, 7.75 x 10.5″



“Compulse 9 is an astoundingly beautiful collection of his color drawings, balancing that funny animal style with frequently apocalyptic, psychedelic imagery. It’s sort of Joe Coleman meets Warner Bros. cartoons, as the images are funny, strange and yield more and more details upon close and long inspection.” -Rob Clough (High-Low)

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KJC 3- a collaboration with D.W. (2016) Black printing on white, magenta & transparency, full-color, 32 pages, 5.25 x 8″



“It’s a nice match of DW’s highly immersive use of patterns, collage and figures in a non-narrative manner with Uehlein’s recognizable figure work, gags and psychedelia. They really went all-out in this issue, with everything in full color and some of the pages being done on transparencies, which was interesting on its own as well as when interacting with the art on the pages on either side of it.” -Rob Clough (High-Low)

Butt-Gusters (2016) Black & white, 16 pages, 8.5 x 5.5″



A simple collection of gag cartoons from 2016

head downgood goodbestofusCompulse 8 (2016) Black printing on color paper, 20 pages, 5.25 x 8.25″



A collection of drawings and 1-page comics from my sketchbook

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Irene 6- a comics anthology (2015) Black & white with color cover, 216 pages (perfect-bound), 5.5 x 8.5″



“Finally, there’s an in-your-face, underground inspired piece by Kevin Uehlein called “Dozens of Cousins”, which features anthropomorophic characters doing disgusting things. Uehlein’s own sense of self-awareness has him doing meta-jokes about hillbillies that turn into a series of hilarious running gags. It’s a scatological romp with brains. It also points out that the editors may have their own tastes, but they’ve gone out of their way to include as many different approaches to comics (in terms of style and aesthetic as well as making sure it was balanced in terms of gender and had an international bent as well) as possible.” -Rob Clough (High-Low)


KJC 2- a collaboration with D.W. (2015) Black & white, 52 pages, 5.5 x 8.5″



“Written by D.W. and drawn by Uehlein, this is a slick, engaging and wordless anthropomorphic story about a bull-headed male sent off on a mission by an alluring female. Its virtues lie chiefly in Uehlein’s dazzling use of blacks and fluid panel-to-panel transitions, speeding up and slowing down the action as the narrative called for at the time.” -Rob Clough (High-Low)

KJC2-spread1 KJC2-spread2KJC2-Spread3 KJC2-spread4

Compulse 6 (2015) Black & white on color paper, 20 pages, 3 x 5.25″



a small collection of sketchbook drawings & comics

compulse6-002 compulse6-003

Red House- a comics anthology (2014) Black & white with red cover, 28 pages, 4.25 x 5.5″



“With his Disgusting Duck character, Uehlein goes way over the top in depicting a string of utterly disgusting events (including a street vendor selling vomit for some reason), leading to the duck’s job at Subway and an unexpected punchline.” -Rob Clough (High-Low)

disgustingduck0011Compulse 5 (2013) Black & white on multi-color paper, 36 pages, 5.25 x 7″



“Situated somewhere in the kind of neighborhoods each in his own way Kim Dietch, Gary Panter, and, more recently, Dane Martin inhabit, this compact example of adventurous, fast paced but serious comix compositions by Uehlein are self assured, comfortable in both cartooning iconography and daring to experiment; this comic translates itself as a cohesive statement. What we get here is the artist’s experience of life as opposed to literal autobiographical narrative. It’s exuberant, and even when it’s exploring pain and anxiety, warms a spot right in the center of my skull. The collaborative comics Uehlein is concurrently composing with the artist known only as “dw,” I suspect are feeding into this quantum hop skip and jump for him on his own I’m detecting here, which altogether comprises some of my favorite sheer eyeball kicks of the past year.” -J.T. Dockery (on Atomic Books Blog)



KJC 1- a collaboration with D.W. (2013) Black & white, with color centerfold & beige cover, 16 pages, 8 x 10.5″


KJC cover web

“KJC #1 is a jam between Uehlein and fellow CCS classmate DW. It’s a pretty exquisite merging of aesthetic sensibilities, The two color pages in particular are a surprisingly tasteful psychedelic explosion, mixing the sheer density of a DW page with the more open and cartoony Uehlein drawings, along with the typical DW use of collage and repurposed text. ” -Rob Clough (High-Low)


Visions of the Aporkalypse- a comics anthology (2011) Black & White with pink cover (with color eye sticker) 5 X 7″


aporkalypse 001

I edited, contributed to, and published this horror/comedy anthology of comics and pinup illustrations

aporkalypse_nomi meff_pork1_1200dpi Aporkalypse_Durer