Sketchbook November 27, 2014


Sketchbook November 26, 2014

Aunt Dot159

Sketchbook November 25, 2014


Look out, America

wpid-20141124_192103.jpgBecause I just got a boatload of these handsome Australian comics, edited by pals Bailey Sharp & Ben Juers, about to be mailed all over this great land of ours to its various contributors.  Keep an eye out at finer small press fests, stores, or email to order a copy online.

Sketchbook November 24, 2014


New Illustration

Palmistry-PostcardA palmistry-themed illustration for a promotional postcard for Alison Huddy, Realor.  They’re placing a logo or something in the empty box.

Sketchbook November 23, 2014



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