Sketchbook October 1, 2014

Aunt Dot044

San Diego Zine Fest Sunday!


I’ll be at the San Diego Zine Fest this Sunday, 12-5.  It’s free, and should be a good ol’ time.

compulse-7compulse6001compulse5coverDaisyCollabfrontcover copy

I’m reprinting Compulse 5, 6, and 7 (if you own 1-4, consider yourself lucky, those are OOP for the foreseeable future), and Faces, a collaborative drawing zine with Daisy Noemi.

KJC cover webdwjam-001

Also still have copies of KJC1, the epic collaborative sketchbook zine with dw.

Cactus 003 Preview Cactus Country 001 preview Cactus Country 002 preview

And an assortment of Cactus Country prints, plus these new Risograph prints.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

and maybe even some surprises!

I’m also tabling with my pal Ben Houston Moody, who’s debuting 5(!) new zines/minicomics.  We’re getting his books ready for print, I’ll do a preview post of his covers when they’re ready.

Sketchbook September 30, 2014

Aunt Dot017

Excerpts from my 3rd Grade Journal- ‘Christmas Tree’ and ‘I.M. Looney’


Aunt Dot041I almost left this one out, but I like the bat as the star on top. Aunt Dot040This character is pretty similar to fan-favorite, I.M. Nutty.

And that wraps up my 3rd grade journal.  Fear not, I’ve got some more good stuff, including my 2nd grade journal and a couple illustrated stories.

Sketchbook September 29, 2014

Aunt Dot016

Excerpts from my 3rd Grade Journal- ‘Bernard’

Aunt Dot035

The above doodle is for Don Bluth’s lawyers, lay off me ya vultures!Aunt Dot039A pretty straightforward back and forth about pet mice.

Excerpts from my 3rd Grade Journal- ‘Space Mice’

Aunt Dot022High-octane sci-fi, complete with lots of unpronouncable names.


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