Sketchbook April 20, 2014


sketch-april020Another original art postcard, available for $4 (includes postage and customizing the other side) at my store.

Another Postcard for sale


sketch-april-21Another original art postcard.  Available at my store, $4 gets you the card of your choice, including postage and some customization on the other side.  

Sketchbook April 19, 2014

Sketchbook April 19, 2014

Another one of these things

Sketchbook April 18, 2014

Went back to the Hyperion Tavern for sketch night.  There was standup going on again, but I snagged a spot and watched sets by David Huntsberger and Chris Fairbanks, who were funny.  Fairbanks draws too, and I chatted with him a bit and gave him some zines, so that was cool.  Then I drank beer and drew, despite the music being very loud and it being really dark (I’m 80 years old).  Also, there was a leak from the ceiling going directly onto my paper, and someone spilled beer all over it.  But it was fun.  Between my maniac scribbling, I talked to a couple fellow doodlers (I’m trying to be social now).

  wpid-20140418_005636.jpg wpid-20140417_235140.jpg wpid-20140418_000156.jpg wpid-20140418_003737.jpg wpid-20140418_005157.jpg

Sketchbook April 17, 2014

Sketchbook April 17, 2014

Another original art postcard for sale. You can buy them at my store, and I’ll customize the back and mail it to you for $4

Another Postcard for sale

Another Postcard for sale

Another original art postcard, there’s more at my store! $4, shipping included, and I’ll customize the other side for you.

Sketchbook April 16, 2014



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