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Poster for Neighbors with Attitude @ The Local improv shows


Postcard for Alison Huddy, Realtor

Horseshoe-PostcardPostcard for Alison Huddy, RealtorPalmistry-Postcard

Logo design for Ryan’s Dawg Pack, Dog Care Service



Postcard for Alison Huddy, Realtordiadelosmuertos-WEBAlbum Cover art for The Memories, concept and some of the coloring by M. Wartella, coming soon from Burger Records.Memories-HotAfternoonCover_PreviewLogo Design for Pacific Guitar Studionewpgslogo-flat-001

Album design for ‘Digging the Past to Mine the Future,’ by Benjamin CohenBen-album-front-cover-dec3120140320_175002 20140320_175018 20140320_175037

Poster Design for Isis Dynasty, feature film


Logo Design for ‘Quote Unquote’ Storytelling Show, Los Angeles

quoteunquoteDumbass Dog in ‘Smell the Roses’ Cover (2012)

‘Life Skills: A Work in Progress’ Cover (2011)

‘Visions of the Aporkalypse’ Cover (2011)

‘Life Skills’ Promotional Poster (2010)

‘For The Joeys’ from ‘The Dingo Kid’ (2010)

‘Guardrail 2.5’ Cover (2010)

Portland Zine Symposium Poster Submisison (2010)

‘Automatons in Love’ Anthology Cover Design (drawn assets by Carl Mefferd) (2009)

‘Visions of the Aporkalypse’ Promotional Poster (2010)

‘Distraction Depot’ Ad Page (2010)

‘Kingdom’ Cover (2009)