Just put up a bunch of original art from ‘Thief 1’ on my online store.  All art is 11×17 black and white pen & ink on bristol.

$150 each, shipping and handling included in US

email kevinuehlein@gmail.com for international shipping, or to buy more than one page (I’ll cut you a deal)

wpid-20150427_144436.jpg wpid-20150427_144450.jpg wpid-20150427_144500.jpg wpid-20150427_144510.jpg wpid-20150427_144524.jpg wpid-20150427_144535.jpg wpid-20150427_144544.jpg wpid-20150427_144553.jpg wpid-20150427_144605.jpg wpid-20150427_144615.jpg wpid-20150427_144630.jpg wpid-20150427_144642.jpg wpid-20150427_144654.jpg wpid-20150427_144708.jpg wpid-20150427_144720.jpg wpid-20150427_144732.jpg  wpid-20150427_144743.jpg wpid-20150427_144753.jpg wpid-20150427_144803.jpg wpid-20150427_144813.jpg

And if ya just want to read the story, you can get KJC#2 here.