In the Spring, my friend and collaborator, D.W., sent me a script for a story called Thief 1, which I loved.

I spent the next few months designing characters and talking to D.W. about it.  In the Fall, I started drafting thumbnails, while finalizing characters.

Since Thanksgiving, I’ve been producing finished pages and laying out the book.

At 5AM, a couple days before it’s set to debut at the L.A. Zine Fest (Sunday), I finished the story pages.  I have to do a last round of cleanup/editing, then it’s to the printer.

Here’s some previews of the book, it also features interstitial drawings and a backup story/endpapers drawn by D.W.

I’m really proud of this book, it’s the longest story I’ve drawn to date, and I’m happy with the drawing.  wpid-20150212_150057.jpgwpid-20150212_150442.jpg wpid-20150212_150504.jpg wpid-20150212_150517.jpg wpid-20150212_150527.jpg wpid-20150212_150543.jpg wpid-20150212_150647.jpg

Come see me AND D.W. at the L.A. Zine Fest this Sunday 11-5.  At $4, this 48-page book is a steal.  It’s also not for kids, there’s some really violent sequences in here.