10376750_774521989292882_2903281232502671270_nGearing up for one of my favorite events, the L.A. Zine Fest, this Sunday 11a-5p.  It’s free to get in and there’s always an insane amount of cool stuff.

I’m doing my part to bring cool stuff this year, as I debut KJC #2, a collaborative comic book with artist D.W.


Also debuting, 2 new comics anthologies I’m in.  First, Red House is a humor anthology put together by Pat Barrett, and featuring myself, Pat, Beth Hetland, Josh Kramer, Ben Horak, and Dakota Mcfadzean, all pals of mine from CCS.


Second, Psycho-Therapy is another humor anthology, all the way from Australia, edited and published by my pals Ben & Bailey.


I’ll also have some of my standards, like the sketch zine Compulse issues 5-7


And the always popular, back-in-print Visions of the Aporkalypse, a humor/horror anthology I edited and published.

aporkalypse 001And Dumbass Dog in ‘Smell the Roses,’ a short and sweet mini-comic

Desert Dog 2

And ‘Faces,’ a collaborative drawn zine with artist Daisy Noemi

DaisyCollabfrontcover copy

as well as KJC #1, the first collaborative book with D.W., this is a densely worked-over shared sketchbook.  Has to be flipped through to be understood.

KJC cover weband speaking of D.W., I just got confirmation that he will be hanging out with me at my table again this year, in support of KJC #2’s debut, as well as representing the excellent indie comics anthology, Irene, which he co-edits.


irene5-cover-webIrene-4_CoverAnd if that’s not enough, I have a bunch of prints for sale (cheap), a couple of those eyeball keychains, and a bunch of my early comics that I’m giving away.  So come on by, look at, trade, buy and read some cool new stuff at LA Zine FestCactus 003 PreviewCactus Country 001 previewCactus Country 002 preview10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2wpid-20140221_161111.jpg wpid-20140221_161135.jpg