I’m working hard on ‘Thief 1’ a dark, surreal animal crime comic written by dw. ‘Thief 1’ will be the bulk of KJC #2, the follow-up to KJC #1, a collaborative jam sketchbook that dw and I filled up in stages.  I’m trying to keep the drawings pretty hush-hush until the book is ready, but I just had a big drawing day, and wanted to share a recent, Kirby-inspired action shot.  If this piques your interest, keep an eye out for KJC #2, coming in February.  THIEF1-p013

 dw http://kidclampdown.tumblr.com/

KJC #1 for sale http://kevinuehleincomics.storenvy.com/collections/259844-all-products/products/4500808-kjc-number-1