Still working on SPK 2, realizing that I’m less than 2 weeks out from LA Zine Fest.  Just finished a pretty fun spread, still have more than I’d care to admit left to finish.  Also made contact with a copy shop, will stop in tomorrow to see if they can print some old books effectively, maybe do some printing if they can.

Also, wanted to highly recommend this interview with Steve Bissette on Inkstuds.   If you’re not familiar with Steve’s work, he is a prolific writer, cartoonist, historian and teacher at the Center for Cartoon  Studies.  A graduate of the first class of the Joe Kubert school, and veteran of the mainstream and self-publishing comics worlds, Steve has worked on the Alan-Moore-written Swamp Thing, edited and published Taboo and (my favorite) Tyrant.  He is an expert and archivist not only of comics history, but also movies (particularly horror), and dinosaurs and monsters.  He is a major talent, and more importantly, one of the sweetest, most enthusiastic and supportive artists I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

I’ve been hoping for an Inkstuds with Steve for a while, as I imagine host Robin McConnell has.  Please enjoy.

sketch feb 008