Woke up at a reasonable hour, after a couple weeks of a nocturnal schedule.  Had crazy detailed dreams, which woke me up at least twice.  Got some transcription done, tried the Sri Lankan restaurant I’d been coveting, did laundry, went to the dog park, ate hamburgers with my Gramma and Great-Aunt, did some illustration work, and drew the sketchbook page below.  My eyes were about done by the time I got to it, so not as intense as some of the recent ones (I liked yesterday’s overlapping monsters).  Speaking of illustration work, I updated my illustration/commission page with an example of a dog portrait I did in Photoshop for my cousin to give a co-worker.  Apparently it was a big hit, I got office people hitting me up to draw dogs now.  And my blog viewers blew up, so I guess dog portraits are the way to go.  Thinking of posting a flier at the dog park… 4 pages left in the sketchbook, then I’m starting drawing comics pages in earnest again.

sketchbook dec 7