Another sketchbook page for yas.  I’ve been on a good tear of drawing the last few days, between the sketchbooks, some illustration projects, and the very early stages of drafting Sweatpants Kid #2 and another top-secret book project.  I like this process of posting more often, gives me a sort of accountability.  Sorry if you’re bored to tears by my attempts at pretty girls and ugly animals.

I’ve been reading through all the big collections of James Kochalka’s ‘American Elf’ Sketchbook Diaries (re-reading the early ones).  What an incredible way to experience portions of someone’s life in a compressed fashion.  Seeing Kochalka’s work was a big breakthrough for me in college, and I was lucky enough to hang out with him a little bit in Vermont.

Have you been to the store yet?  You probably should, the holidays are coming.