I’m back with some more sketches!  But before I do that, allow me to briefly explain what I’ve been doing for a living in the city of Angels.  I got a paid internship pretty quick off the bat for a website/company called Frequency, making iPad friendly high-res icons for their hundreds (thousands?) of video channels.  Check them out for free video aggregation/curation.

In addition, I got a gig scanning images for author Pat Thomas, who wrote the eye-grabbing ‘Listen, Whitey!,’ a coffee table book, bursting with pictures, about the music and other sound recordings of the Black Panther Party, available now from Fantagraphics.

His new book (which will be the same format as ‘L,W!’ centers around the life of founding-YIP-member-turned-Yuppie-financier Jerry Rubin (pictured below).  Rubin’s life weaves through some of the most important political and social movements of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, before he was killed jaywalking in 1994.  I’ve been scanning photographs, personal journal entries and correspondence, newspaper clippings, and all sorts of effects from Rubin’s personal archives, as selected by Pat Thomas.  He’s found some choice stuff, and it’s been very rewarding to be working on a book, and an interesting one at that.  Plus it’s for Fantagraphics, and they’re the coolest!

Enough jobber jabber, let’s get to them sketches!