Sketchbook October 20, 2014

Aunt Dot097 a Aunt Dot096brushpen sketches on fast food napkins

Excerpts from my 2nd Grade Journal- Bumple Land

Aunt Dot091li’l Kevin isn’t listening…

Sketchbook October 19, 2014

Aunt Dot095Panels & Grids

Excerpts from my 2nd Grade Journal- Space Rodents

Aunt Dot092Now we’re talking!  This is the kind of stuff I named the blog after.

Excerpts from my 2nd Grade Journal- Monsters

Aunt Dot090I thought maybe we learned haiku for this one, but it’s just short.  Probably my favorite poem by anyone ever.

Excerpts from my 2nd Grade Journal- Snowball

Aunt Dot089Early evidence of Simpsons fandom, as this was directly plagiarized from a poem by Lisa.

Sketchbook October 18, 2014

RYANPAWHere’s a logo I designed for Ryan’s Dawg Pack, a friend’s dog-care service in Ontario, CA.


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