Excerpts from my 2nd Grade Journal- Monsters

Aunt Dot090I thought maybe we learned haiku for this one, but it’s just short.  Probably my favorite poem by anyone ever.

Excerpts from my 2nd Grade Journal- Snowball

Aunt Dot089Early evidence of Simpsons fandom, as this was directly plagiarized from a poem by Lisa.

Sketchbook October 18, 2014

RYANPAWHere’s a logo I designed for Ryan’s Dawg Pack, a friend’s dog-care service in Ontario, CA.

Psychotherapy- a New Comics Anthology

tumblr_nd0svuwJLV1s8ss1jo1_250I just sent off for my copies of this new anthology, all the way from down under!  It’s edited by my pals and swell cartoonists Ben & Bailey, and features Dakota McFadzean, dw, Pat Barrett, Andy Warner, Max Mose, Paul Swartz, Sturdy Steve Bissette, and yours truly, plus a bunch of cartoonists who aren’t (yet) my pals, but who I’m sure are top-flight.

Here’s a bonus gag I drew for Psychotherapy that didn’t quite squeak in.  If funny business like this is left on the cutting room floor, just imagine the gut-busting you’re in for when you purchase this book!  You can get it from me (in very limited quantities) if you see me with it at a show, or walking down the street, juggling unsold copies.  Or better yet, email ben.juers@yahoo.com

psych gag titanic betterpencils

“Sometimes I feel like nobody’s taking me seriously…”


Excerpts from my 2nd Grade Journal- Superheros

Aunt Dot088li’l Kevin breaks down the superhero-game, pre CGI

Excerpts from my 2nd Grade Journal- Halloween

Aunt Dot087Watch your grouls, Halloween’s coming!

Sketchbook October 17, 2014 (NSFW maybe)

Aunt Dot082 Aunt Dot083 Aunt Dot081More character design for a comic.


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