Sketchbook October 27, 2014


 Aunt Dot105A little doodle postcard, drawn at IE Zine fest, which was very nice.  They took this neat Polaroid of me at my table.Aunt Dot106

Sketchbook October 26, 2014

Untitled-1You heard the man, get ‘em in person at IE Zine Fest today, 12-5 or online always.

Sketchbook October 25, 2014

Aunt Dot104

Sketchbook October 24, 2014

Aunt Dot103

Kirby’s Thing tribute pumpkin- 2011

Photo 218

Sketchbook October 23, 2014

 Aunt Dot102More designs

IE Zine Fest Sunday!


I’ll be tabling at this event in Redlands, CA on Sunday, come on by if you’re around.


DaisyCollabfrontcover copy

KJC cover web

Cactus 003 Preview Cactus Country 001 preview Cactus Country 002 preview

Will have this stuff and more, plus I’m tabling with my pal Ben Moody, who’s bringing all his zines.



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